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Shakespeare Lives in Ghana

Our Shakespeare Lives programme reflects our core strategic aims in developing skills for young people, as well as supporting education and gender equality.

The project began by commissioning ISSER (the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research at the University of Ghana) to conduct research into the roles, representations and perceptions of women in contemporary Ghana, to help us to better understand the challenges women and girls face, and how these are reflected in the works of Shakespeare

The many powerful female characters depicted in Shakespeare’s works and the various challenges they face are ideal for sparking discussions around gender stereotypes and positive impact of gender equality on society.

"This above all: To thine own self be true" #Playyourpart

Panel discussions and workshops on women in the media

We are running a series of plays, panel discussions and workshops with a number of universities and schools throughout the remainder of the year. The aim is to give Ghanaian students exposure to Shakespeare’s work and give them an opportunity to experiment and express themselves through drama. The play will be followed by an interactive panel discussion and workshops focusing on media perceptions of women, and exploring some of the issues faced by women pursuing careers in journalism, TV and film.

The British Council is a charitable organisation and we rely on support from the public to help us extend our reach to as many young people as possible all around Ghana. If you have a passion for the arts and are interested in sponsoring our project, please click here  to see our sponsorship packages or contact the British Council to make a donation of any size. If you are not able to support financially, we appreciate all support whether it be attending our events or simply spreading our message of gender equality.

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