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Choosing Intercultural Fluency as part of your professional development will give you the skills and techniques to thrive in multicultural environments and build fruitful working relationships at home and overseas.

Whether you have just arrived in Ghana, have been working here for an extended period, or are a local, you are no doubt part of a multicultural workplace. But simply being part of a diverse environment does not automatically make you interculturally fluent. Learning how to operate effectively in multicultural environments is a complex skill, requiring self-reflection, knowledge and understanding.

Being able to adapt to new intercultural situations, effectively communicate and build rapport with colleagues from different backgrounds, and establish positive professional relationships across cultures, can be essential for team building, successful negotiation and problem-solving. 

Intercultural Fluency training from the British Council equips you with the skills, awareness and confidence that you need to perform at your best in any multicultural environment. The specialised training empowers you with the knowledge and techniques to navigate the challenges and pitfalls that can arise when communicating and building relationships in intercultural situations. 

The courses are designed to develop your understanding of cultural similarities and differences, to teach you how to adapt your approach in different business situations, and to avoid potential conflicts and misunderstandings in your daily role. 

What will intercultural fluency do for you?

  • Increase your employability and support your career development through practical knowledge and new skills 
  • Better manage your own integration with colleagues in culturally diverse environments
  • Discover how to anticipate and avoid potential social and workplace pitfalls through a deeper level of awareness of cultural similarities and differences 
  • Confidently adapt your approach in new multicultural environments and communicate your ideas in a manner that is appreciative of cultural differences
  • Perform at your best in any intercultural situation
  • Raise your profile as an effective team member or business leader by being a successful communicator.  

About British Council

The British Council has cultivated and facilitated cultural relations and professional development opportunities for more than 80 years. Our experienced, qualified, locally based trainers understand your needs and challenges, and can provide a tailored solution to match your desired level of Intercultural Fluency training to best equip you for success.