See the registration process for school exams co-ordinators below:

Step 1: Receive exam session information

If you are a British Council attached centre, you will receive a series of emails from us with all exam session details, including: 

  • registration dates and fees
  • key dates and timetables 
  • access arrangements
  • instructions to candidates.


Contact us to find out about the different exam registration deadlines. 


Submit your entry form well in advance of the registration deadline. This is important so that you have time to check it and send any amendments before the deadline. There are additional fees for late registration and for making amendments after the deadline.

Step 2: Submit your school exam entry form

If you are a British Council attached centre, you are responsible for entering your students for school exams. 

Download and print the exam registration forms for your school students. To complete their forms, students will need:

  1. One coloured passport-size photographs. 
  2. A clear photocopy of a valid National ID Card or passport.

Withdrawal and refunds

If one of your students wishes to withdraw from an exam, it is important that you inform us as soon as possible. Contact us for information on withdrawal and refunds:


Step 3: Make payment

  • Schools must pay any invoices received before the end of each deadline.
  • Please quote the invoice number with payment.

Transfer in GHS Cedi to the British Council in Ghana using the following bank details:

Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank, Accra
Account Number: 0100113742300
Currency: GHS
Bank Swift code: SCBLGHAC
Account Holder: The British Council


  1. Email: Sending us an email with a scanned copy of your payment slip is the most recommended. Send email to
  2. Courier: This usually takes a maximum of five working days. This service is more reliable and comes with a tracking number to enable checking on status of delivery at any appointed time.

Please note: Your students' applications will not be processed until payment has been received.

Step 4: Registration complete

You have now successfully registered for school exams with the British Council.

You will receive your students' Statements of Entry and information about examination venues approximately three weeks before their exams.

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