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Make your move to a world-class student experience with IELTS from the British Council

Thinking about studying abroad in countries like the UK, Canada or Australia? With IELTS, you can take the first step into a world of opportunity.

Studying abroad is not only an important success factor for your future in today’s connected world, but it’s also a smart way to experience a meaningful, challenging and worthwhile overseas adventure.

Studying overseas is one of the best ways for you to acquire global skills and gain exposure to personal and professional opportunities. It is a life-changing experience for many, exposing you to different ways of life and different cultures.

Why study in the UK?

Students from around the world come to the UK because of its reputation for academic excellence. Our universities rank among the best in the world. On graduation, you can expect excellent career prospects because of the quality of education you receive. Employers, universities and governments worldwide are seeking people with the foundation that these universities provide.

The four most exciting student cities in the UK

London – a melting pot of culture and entertainment

If you’re looking to make friends from all over the world, London is the place to be. Packed with museums, galleries, and green spaces London has a fantastic cosmopolitan vibe and some of the best nightlife in Europe.

IELTS opens doors for international students in cities like London, ranked as one of the world’s top five student cities and home to 18 universities – the most of any UK city.

Bristol – famous for its free spirit, nightlife, and thriving music scene

With a population of just over half a million, Bristol is the largest city in the southwest of England. Known for its eclectic music scene, Bristol has a legacy of fusing music and visual art – particularly trip hop and graffiti.

Once a port city, today it is known for its architecture and is home to galleries, museums, theatres, and some of the best old-world pubs in the UK. Bristol’s trendy Harbourside is now an attractive development filled with restaurants, cafes, shops and hotels.

Your IELTS test opens doors to vibrant and diverse cities that attract thousands of students every year.

Belfast –bursting with creativity

Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland and its cultural heart, is a friendly, fun city, and an ideal destination for international students.

Smaller and quieter than many others in the UK, it’s easy to get around, and an affordable place in which to live and study. The city has a dynamic nightlife and a blend of traditional and modern culture. Entertainment zone Cathedral Quarter offers everything from art and theatre to music, circus and dance, as well as trendy bars, beer gardens, clubs and restaurants.

IELTS opens doors to exciting and fun experiences in places like Belfast.

Manchester –  charming, vibrant and unique 

The birthplace of the industrial revolution, Manchester is known for its world-famous football teams. The city is situated in northwest England. Now a major cultural hub, it has great nightclubs, with street art and supercool independent record shops lining the streets. The bohemian Northern Quarter is packed with  indie bars, clubs, galleries and retro boutiques.

Students are welcomed, and the city has a warm multicultural environment. With its huge population, there are many areas that cater to student needs, making the city relatively affordable.

More than 100,000 students are enrolled in the city’s five universities.

Ready to start your journey?

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