The British Council's Cultural Exchange program aims to facilitate the development of networks, collaborations, and meaningful connections between organisations, artists, and audiences. We are committed to supporting the growth and exchange of creative ideas.

Through our Cultural Connects initiative, we offer grants to cultural organisations, festivals, artists, and creatives from Ghana and the UK. These grants empower recipients to create art, establish networks, foster collaborations, explore new markets, and showcase artists' work to diverse audiences.

We understand the importance of fostering a vibrant cultural ecosystem that thrives on cross-cultural dialogue and artistic exchange. By facilitating these connections, we contribute to the enrichment of the arts landscape and create opportunities for artists and creatives to flourish.

Community of Cultural Professionals Network

Our community of cultural professionals comprises a diverse network of creatives who have experienced the valuable support of the British Council's Arts programmes. By becoming a part of this network, you gain the opportunity to connect with fellow alumni and creative individuals, expanding your own network and accessing a multitude of opportunities within the creative economy.

To join our community and start benefiting from these advantages, simply click the link provided to sign up on Facebook. By doing so, you open doors to a world of collaboration, professional growth, and exciting prospects in the creative industry.

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