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British Council

Thursday 28 May 2015 - 00:00 to Friday 26 June 2015 - 00:00
Accra Ghana

Update: Consultants sought for Social Enterprise surveys – deadline extended to 26 June and clarification questions answered

The British Council seeks to secure the services of a consultant or consultants to conduct baseline surveys of the social enterprise sectors in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Ghana.

The aim of these baseline studies is to provide a summary of the current size and scale of the social enterprise sector in each of the countries in order to be able to evaluate the future impact of the British Council’s social enterprise programme in those markets and track how the sector develops in coming years.

It is also expected that these studies will make an important contribution to the development of the social enterprise sector more broadly and enable other stakeholders to have a better understanding of the role that it is playing within the wider economy.

To that end, we are issuing a call for proposals to conduct surveys in each of the four countries. Consultants are welcome to bid to conduct single or multiple surveys.

The standard duration of each of the contracts will be three months but it can be extended for a further month depending on project requirements.

The following essential data will be required for each of the countries:

  • The total value of the social enterprise sector
  • The total number of social enterprises
  • The average annual turnover for social enterprises
  • The average number of employees
  • Total number of social enterprises that have increased the number of beneficiaries reached over the last year
  • Total number of new employees of social enterprises in the last year
  • The proportion of social enterprise employees who are women
  • Total number of youth led (under 35) social enterprises
  • Total number of women led social enterprises
  • Breakdown of social enterprise by sector/focus
  • The number of Higher Education Institutions delivering social enterprise related courses

There are also additional data which would be desirable for the consultant to obtain. These are listed in the Requests for Proposal documents listed below.

The deadlines for submission of proposals has now been updated to 1700 GMT Friday 26 June

For further information and to submit a bid or bids, please download the Request for Proposals documents below and the Clarification document, which contains responses to questions asked in response to the RFP.