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Get your teaching career off to the best possible start with our Steps to Success online course.

If you are studying to be a teacher or have recently qualified, this course will help you make the transition from trainee to professional. You will gain the confidence you need to put the theory you’ve learned into practice and ensure that you provide the very best learning experience for your students.

Steps to Success is a completely self-access course giving you the flexibility to study where and when you want. Start today and continue at your own pace. You can even choose the order in which you study the modules, and if you would like your portfolio of work to be assessed by one of our expert teacher-trainers.

Take this course with the world’s English experts and you will:

Put into practice the theory you’ve learned on your pre-service teacher training course.

Feel more confident about your teaching skills.

Get practical ideas that you can begin using in your classes straight away.

I have been really trying to reduce my TTT (teacher talk time) since I wasn't aware of the importance and the benefits of doing so. I became relevant with the usage of songs, games, flashcards and other games which really made my students to become more motivated and not get bored in the class. Finally, the course has really helped me to improve my teaching methods it was really valuable for me.”