IHE report in Africa

British Council

 Universities, Employability and Inclusive Development

Repositioning Higher Education in Ghana

In 2012, the British Council commissioned a three-year research entitled Universities, Employability and Inclusive Development: Repositioning Higher Education which is focused on university education and graduate employability in four Sub–Saharan African countries, namely Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, as well as the United Kingdom.

Higher education is now acknowledged as being pivotal for development at all levels. Its role in fostering high level research and technological capacity in the knowledge economy is well recognised, but it has another fundamental role – that of forming the professionals who will play major roles in the provision of health, education and a range of other services, as well as public administration. The positive impact of higher education, therefore, is not restricted to those who directly study in universities, but can potentially ripple out through the whole of society, hence the need for a thorough research on how to "Reposition Higher Education in Africa". 

The research is now complete and the detailed report  is available to the general public and can be downloaded below:


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