Rob Bell with the RMU students after an engagement session

Partnership: Regional Maritime University, University of Durham and Wazuri Enterprise

Project Name: Project Kenten

Project Summary: Project Kenten explores problems facing agri-business in Ghana from a logistics perspective. From Post-Harvest Losses (PHL) of up to 40 per cent from rural areas, weak market access and poor cash flow to managing food provision with rapid urbanisation; Kenten explores these challenges, with a range of assumptions to prioritise and frame Kenten’s community of practice with entrepreneurial expertise and networks enhancing stakeholder engagement.

Kenten will harness these networks to coordinate high impact initiatives to pilot and roll out a holistic digitally integrated contribution to tackling PHL and its wider impacts. Kenten can embed university efforts within the business eco-system and can benefit RMUs regional partners in Cameroon, Gambia, Liberia and Sierra Leone as findings and transferable skills can be disseminated across board.