Become a Cambridge School and join British Council’s Partner Schools network of schools across the globe we offer value added service to, such as teacher training, conferences for school leaders to enhance teaching & learning, and competitions for students. These services are free.

As a Cambridge School, you can offer world-renowned exams from Cambridge Assessment International Education in Ghana.  The Cambridge curriculum is flexible and can be run concurrently with the local curriculum.


The British Council will:

  • help nurture your school to attain accreditation standards 
  • conduct inspection visits
  • apply for accreditation for your school
  • be responsible for  all Cambridge International enquiries, correspondence and exam administration
  • provide networking and continuous professional development for your  teachers
  • provide your school the privilege to be part of the esteem PSGN School Awards

Download the list of Cambridge Schools in Ghana below.

How to become a Cambridge School

Becoming a Cambridge School is straightforward in five simple steps:

Step One

Your school will have to express interest to the British Council.

Step Two

British Council will send you the Cambridge School Application Form to complete and return to us.

Step Three

The British Council will carry out an inspection visit to your school on an agreed date, to discuss your application and take copies of the required documents to support your application. This will include general discussion on school management and inspect your facilities. The inspector will need to speak with the school principal, teachers and students as needed.

You will need to provide:

  • Key staff CVs (principal and teachers involved in teaching Cambridge syllabuses)
  • Mission statement and educational values
  • School development plan showing goals for the introduction of the Cambridge curriculum
  • Performance management plan
  • Code of conduct for students and teachers
  • School language policy
  • Complaints policy
  • Health and safety policy
  • Fire certificates as required by local legislation
  • Evidence of government approval 

Step Four

After the successful inspection, British Council will submit an approval visit report to Cambridge to support your school application, for approval.

Step Five

Once satisfied with the report, Cambridge International approves your school’s application to be a Cambridge School and sends your Letter of Approval.

British Council will then organise an induction training for your key staff, and your school can start offering the Cambridge qualification.

Fees and requirements

There is no inspection fee to become a Cambridge School. However, your School will pay any associated Cambridge qualification annual fee, such as the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint programme.

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