Tullow Technical Training Scholars
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British Council

Tullow-Takoradi University Scholarship

Sponsorship is now available to eligible admitted candidates to pursue degree or certificate training at Takoradi University or Jubilee Technical Training Centre respectively in Takoradi, funded by Tullow Oil plc. The Scheme is aligned with Tullow’s aim of supporting long-term socio-economic development in the Western Region of Ghana. The Scheme seeks to build up the human capacity and knowledge base of Ghanaians to participate in the Oil and Gas industry and other allied industries. 

The scholarship aims at increasing the number of people with expertise in oil and gas and other sectors in the countries where Tullow operates as well as fill the skills gap for well-trained technical expertise. 

Duration of Training

Each sponsored course will be for a duration of 1 year for Takoradi University and 6 months for JTTC.

Course Areas

This scholarship covers only students pursuing a degree in Takoradi University in the following areas ;

  1. Bachelor of Technology Civil Engineering
  2. Bachelor of Technology Mechanical Engineering
  3. Bachelor of Technology Electrical Engineering
  4. Bachelor of Technology Building Technology
  5. Bachelor of Technology Hospitality Management
  6. Bachelor of Technology Statistics

Eligibility Guidelines

To qualify, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a citizen of Ghana. 
  •  Must be a resident of the Western Region 
  • Must have gained admission to the Takoradi University or Jubilee Technical Training Centre.
  • Ability to communicate and be instructed in English   

How to apply

The Tullow Technical Training Scholarship for 2016/17 academic year is opened from 17 October to 25 October, 2016. The sponsorship will be given to western region indigenes who meet the required criteria. Prospective candidates will formally apply for the award and will be screened and assessed based on agreed criteria.  British Council will be the administrator of this project on behalf of Tullow Oil. 


In all cases the following supporting documents should be submitted to complete the application:

  1.  Completed application form
  2.  Two recent passport size photographs (both should be endorsed with names and signature)

For all enquiries, send an email to tullowjttc@britishcouncil.org