Jobs for Youth

British Council

Jobs for Youth – Migration and Employment Project

The aim of the Jobs for Youth – Migration and Employment Project is to provide young Ghanaians with holistic learning and development opportunities to create jobs for themselves and others leveraging on their core skills and the local economic opportunities. The project is funded by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit(GIZ) and is managed by the British Council.

The project is targeted at Ghanaians who are between 18 – 35 years (including returnee migrants, young women, out of school youth, under-represented individuals) within urban districts of Accra, Kumasi and Sunyani.

Components of the project include;

Ideation: 3200 successful applicants receive; 5-day entrepreneurship training

Incubation: 400 start-ups of entrepreneurs who have successfully completed ideation and have been selected through a pitch competition receive 4 months business incubation services

Acceleration: 90 businesses of entrepreneurs who have successfully completed incubation and have been selected through a pitch competition receive 3 months business acceleration services

Successful applicants must therefore be committed to the programme and its duration of 9 months. Applications to enter the project through ideation is currently CLOSED  

SME Trade Festivals

SME trade festivals are being organised in the above-mentioned regions to promote and market the products and services of start-ups and showcase project successes with the external community. These festivals also put participants in touch with potential customers as well as with regulatory bodies in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The festivals usually attract over 1,500 people and 10 regulatory bodies and relevant institutions within the Ghanaian entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The Festival consists of

  1. One on one Coaching: Participants would benefit in a free personalised consultation session with identified business coach on their entrepreneurial needs.  Only 30 slots available selection will be on a first-come basis and is free
  2. Mock Pitching: Participants would benefit from pitching their businesses to a panel (comprising business development specialists) to receive feedback on their businesses for future opportunities. Please note that there is no cash prize and it is free. Only 30 slots available. Selection business information presented as part of your application.
  3. Business Workshop: Participants would benefit from a hands-on in-depth training by project’s facilitators on the following topics; Costing a product, Branding, Customer segmentation, and Product Development.
  4. Business Talk: Participants would benefit from a comprehensive treatment as well as a question and answer session on the following topics such as;
  • Is it time to register my business?
  • Why is FDA/GSA not approving my product for the market?
  • What are the export opportunities for young Ghanaian businesses?
  •  What are the investment opportunities for me as a young Ghanaian entrepreneur?
  • Taxes, taxes, I am only starting?
  • 5.  Exhibitions of products and services - Want to exhbit your products? Click this link to register


Festival Dates: 20 September -Kumasi, 21 September -Sunyani, 28 September- Accra


Access the SME Trade Festival Registration form here