Mat Wright 

Intercultural Fluency for businesses 

Good relationships are at the heart of good business

From first impressions to lasting partnerships, successful business in today’s global world is all about effective intercultural engagement. Equipping your staff with the right skills can make the crucial difference. 

How well staff can interact with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds, adapt to new multicultural working environments, and build rapport with international clients and partners, can be fundamental to how a company performs in local and international markets.

Research shows that an increasing number of businesses globally consider intercultural skills to be a vital ingredient for success. Companies that embed intercultural fluency within their professional development offer can benefit from higher performing culturally diverse teams, stronger internal and external relationships and increased success in international markets. 

The British Council’s Intercultural Fluency training can equip your staff with the skills, confidence and awareness to perform at their best in any intercultural situation. The courses enable participants to develop a deeper understanding of cultural similarities and differences, helping them adapt their approach in different environments and avoid potential misunderstandings and conflicts in the workplace. 


The training

The British Council’s Intercultural Fluency courses give participants the tools and techniques they need to implement effective and trusted intercultural communication practices, enabling them to confidently adapt their approach in diverse multicultural environments. The courses are designed to match the needs of staff at all levels, including support staff, managers and company directors. 

You and your staff will develop an understanding of cultural nuances, gain the skills to communicate effectively and build rapport in intercultural situations, and learn how to avoid common pitfalls when interacting with diverse business communities.

The business benefits of Intercultural Fluency

• Help local and overseas staff to integrate and adapt to culturally diverse working environments, leading to greater worker satisfaction and staff retention.

• Strengthen the ability of staff to work more effectively with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds, leading to enhanced internal relationships and higher performing multicultural teams. 

• Support your expansion into new international markets by ensuring your staff can perform at their best in any environment and approach new deals and business opportunities with confidence. 

• Build an organisation of effective intercultural communicators to enhance your relationships with clients and partners and increase customer satisfaction in your key markets.

• Attract and retain top talent by offering enhanced professional development opportunities and enabling a work environment that rewards open and effective communication. 

Why the British Council?

We are in the business of building cultural relations. It’s what we’ve been doing for over 80 years between countries and cultures worldwide, helping people work together across cultural and geographical boundaries. Drawing on this wealth of experience, our expert, locally based trainers will use their specialist, in-depth knowledge to ensure your staff are prepared to perform at their best in any intercultural situation.

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