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British Council

“The Challenge” is a British Council Ghana  initiative aimed at promoting the UK as a destination offering a wide range of high quality, inspirational opportunities for personal development. UK Education provides an opportunity for high quality education to be accessed in all subjects at all levels, which enhances career, life and create a viable investment for the future.

The Challenge 6

The Challenge 6 seeks to elicit originality, innovation and a new tactic that is clever, challenging and fun. The show will reflect a confident, relaxed approach that values the individual, rewards new ideas and offers a wide range of courses that reflect how education can be effectively personalized. This year’s show will select out of thousands of applications, 15 smart and cool young people who will demonstrate academic excellence, leadership competencies, as well as character and creativity. The 15 candidates will undergo series of personal and professional development trainings and fun tasks to stand a change of winning the amazing prizes at stake. The contestants will be adjudged by a 3-member Scholarship Committee; named “THE BOARD” to be made up of renowned business leaders. Depending on performance against set criteria, the contestants would be evicted from the competition. 6 finalists would compete for the full scholarships each valued at £35,000 at the final event

The Challenge - will run for 13 weeks on TV and with a strong digital component that will give viewers an opportunity to interact with the show while winning prizes.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Ghanaian by birth or naturalisation or a permanent legal resident
  • A university graduate with a good first-degree (2nd Class Upper or better) qualification from an accredited university or an HND distinction
  • Physically resident in Ghana between September 2014 and January 2015
  • Able to commit to return to Ghana after postgraduate study to fulfil post-qualification obligations.
  • Able to commit to working with any one of the sponsor organisations of The Challenge Reality TV
  • Able to commit to part-time ambassadorial work for any of the partner Universities in Ghana
  • In possession of relevant and verifiable university degree certificates and/or transcripts
  • Able to fulfil the UK University’s postgraduate admission requirements
  • Able to commit to and travel to the UK for one full year to pursue a full - time course effective January/February or September 2015
  • Able to produce a personal statement to demonstrate how proposed postgraduate qualification will develop personal, professional, community or national development.

Prize for the Winners

The Challenge Season 6 Prize Package is undoubtedly a life-changing one. Three full postgraduate scholarships are available for grabs valued at £35, 000 each.

Each scholarship covers:

  • Full tuition scholarship for a postgraduate course of choice 
  • Accommodation at International Students’ Hostel (ISH) for duration of course
  • A monthly living allowance of £400 and food voucher valued at £150 per month 
  • One-off payment of £400 for books and warm clothing
  • A return air ticket to the UK valid for one year
  • A brand new laptop computer

This season of the Challenge would feature a social enterprise component where contestants would be required to develop a pitch in social enterprise as a group. The winning group is awarded GHC 20, 000 business support capital.

The Selection Process


All qualified persons are invited to apply online by completing the Application Form. Qualified candidates will be invited by e-mail and/or SMS text message to attend pre-selection events in Accra. Prospective participants must be willing to attend either of these events at own expense.  After the initial pre-selection events, 30 participants will be selected to go through to the next round. This stage will also involve independent confirmation of authenticity of submitted qualifications (documents) and references.15 Finalists will be chosen after this to participate in The Challenge 6 Reality TV show.


Reality TV Episodes

 The 15 finalists will compete through carefully selected team or individual tasks designed to test personality, character, leadership, creativity, skills and competencies. Depending on performance against set criteria and nominations by a 3-member Board, 9 participants will be evicted over an eight-week period. In-between episodes and tasks, the finalists will be taken through a number of personal and professional development training modules facilitated by experts in the respective fields. The last 6 contestants will participate in a grand finale event to select prize winners.

Judging panel

A 3-member judge panel named THE BOARD will evaluate and judge the contestants on their weekly tasks. There would be another mentoring and support team called the FACULTY who would initially review the tasks implemented by the contestants and make recommendations to the board. 

Terms and Conditions

Prospective Participants of The Challenge Reality TV must read, understand and accept the following terms & conditions of participation before proceeding to complete the application form. 

  • Applicants must be ready to provide a minimum of 2 character references upon request 
  • Must have a valid passport, of which expiry date extends 12 calendar months beyond January 2015. 
  • All short listed applicants will be required to attend a selection process in Accra at their own cost. 
  • You must be prepared to travel to the location of assessments and/or interviews at your own cost. 
  • Applicants accept that they will attend as many selection sessions as are required to determine finalists and eventual prize winners. 
  • Decisions by the Board are final and will not be subjected to any review. 
  • You must accept decisions by the selection panel as binding and final. 
  • Your application form (including anything you add at interview or afterwards) should be accurate, do not omit any facts that are relevant and not be misleading. If we find that there are significant omissions in the information you have supplied to us in the course of your application your participation will be withdrawn or terminated. 
  • No applicant will have or should seek or accept any unfair advantage. If we find that you have secured an unfair advantage in the selection process we reserve the right to terminate or withdraw your participation.
  • In all likelihood your image will appear in TV broadcast as well as other media channels for purposes of promoting the Reality TV competition and partner organizations. 
  • You will not be entitled to any remuneration or compensation whatsoever. By agreeing to participate in this programme, you consent that your picture, electronic image or any video footage that you feature in can be used by British Council, TiGO, Charterhouse and other partners in the legitimate broadcast and/or promotion of the programme in any format
  • Short-listed applicants must be able to provide a police report. 
  • Short-listed applicants must provide a medical report 
  • The twelve finalists will be required to sign a number of agreements, performance contracts and be bonded where necessary. 
  • If you are selected as one of the finalists you agree to sign the aforementioned contracts and agreements. The prize package for The Challenge Season 6 is offered as ONE UNIT and cannot be given out as separate line items.  
  • Being a scholarship package for study in the UK, actual provision of the prize package will be made in 2015 and is subject to the applicant securing a UK STUDENTS VISA. 
  • While the British Council and its partners will make efforts  to assist the Prize Winner secure a UK Students Visa, it is not the responsibility of the British Council and its partners to ensure that applicant is granted a UK Visa. 
  • Applicant shall take up the scholarship offered unless hindered by force majeure. 
  • Applicants agree to participate in any other British Council events or projects that are directly or indirectly linked to The Challenge and Education UK promotions. Applicants agree to dedicate their full time from the start to the end of the programme. 
  • Applicants are aware and accept that if they are short-listed as one of the finalists, they will be required to be in residence at the Challenge House for most of the duration of the reality TV show spanning.

Applicants therefore agree to be sequestered as necessary and will commit to being sequestered and dedicate as much required time for ALL engagements and events of the Challenge show. In the event of breach of these conditions, applicants will be disqualified and terminated from the programme.


British Council does not discriminate on the basis of age, disability, gender, race, ethnicity and religion. Indeed, being an equal opportunity and diversity organization, we encourage participation in this programme by all persons who can demonstrate qualification for the basic eligibility criteria.

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