Monday 07 June 2021



The 2020-2021 edition of ‘Your World’ Competition was launched by the British Council to give opportunity to students from around the world to use their creativity and connect with each other while providing a window into their unique lives, environments and experiences through a short film competition. Teams had a choice of producing either a live action video or an animated style video. This yearly competition is one of the core offers for British Council Partner Schools and as such, it’s open to students within the British Council Partner Schools Network. 

In all Sub-Saharan Africa, Akosombo International School was adjudged to have presented the best video in the region and emerged as the national winners in Ghana and eventually the regional winners in Sub-Saharan Africa. The theme for the 2020-2021 competition was “Building a brighter future”. The global award went to students from Columbia. 

We would also like to thank all schools that submitted videos and our finalists from Ghana: Christian International High School and Soul Clinic International School. 

Statement from the winning school, AIS 

Why was that theme chosen? The pandemic has already had a huge impact on the lives of people of all ages across the world. While there has been much suffering and many challenges around the pandemic, there have also been some positive developments such as a decrease in levels of pollution in our towns and cities and many examples of communities supporting those people, who are not so fortunate. There has also been time to reflect on our own lives and how we intend to make positive changes in our lifestyle choices and attitudes towards consumer culture as we begin to emerge from the pandemic. As such the theme was a fitting one for the competition this year. 

The video focused on two thematic areas namely resilient communities and sustainable living. These areas looked at how communities responded to the pandemic despite the hardship it provoked in all aspects of life. Again, the videos could focus on an aspect of sustainable living such as raising awareness about the benefits of recycling materials, how we can reduce the amount of food that is thrown away or focus 

on how the community can use energy more efficiently. Apart from benefits for the community, participants also reaped some rewards. 

These benefits could be listed under two broad sections namely cross curriculum focus and core skills development. This means students who participated could draw knowledge from a cross reference of subjects they already study. Students could also develop some core skills which will enable them to grow well-rounded, creative and critical citizens, ready to engage with job markets and shape the future for themselves and future generations. 

Increasingly, it has become a norm for students to demonstrate activities they are doing outside of the classroom in support of their University applications. In line with this, students who participated in the competition will all be handed a certificate of participation. 

About future competitions 

Information about the 2021-2022 competition will be available via our communication channels soon and will be open to all who take UK qualifications (IGCSE/GCSE/O and A-Level) with the British Council. However, until then we at the British Council would like to say a huge congratulations to Akosombo International School for presenting such an inspiring and refreshing video. 

We wish all schools the best as they prepare for next year’s competition.