Tuesday 10 May 2022

The theme for the Your World Competition 2021/22 was Urban living: sustainable cities and communities.

'Your World' Competition is a flagship activity of British Council Partner Schools programme organized by the British Council. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to use their creativity and connect with each other while providing a window into their unique lives, environments and experiences.

The competition was designed to enable students to develop the core skills of collaboration, leadership and digital literacy while drawing on the cross-curricular knowledge to highlight an environmental issue, impact on the community and suggesting solutions.

This involved many teams going out into their local communities and in some cases drawing on the knowledge of local and national leaders to guide them along the way. This has meant that teams who were not successful will still have benefitted from taking part in this competition and we would like to encourage them to participate in future competitions to build on this experience.

Akosombo International School competed with over 3,000 students from 36 countries and emerged the overall winners.

Congratulations to Akosombo International School.