We are inviting qualified training providers to submit their proposals for the design and delivery of a Customer Service Training Programme for our teams across the Sub-Saharan Africa region.


Closing date Friday 22 February 2019

Role overview

As an organisation, we are looking for a better way to enhance service to our customers, respond faster, improve the efficiency of our operations and build more value for the over 600,000 contacts we interact with on an annual basis. To enable us achieve this, we would like you to:

  • Develop a bespoke customer service training programme whose content takes into account the changing nature of customers and customer service delivery (current and future technological developments)
  • Deliver a proposal that recognises the limited flexibility in customer service schedules
  • Deliver a customer service training programme that supports the corporate customer service objectives including: provision of a seamless customer experience, focus on increased income and engagement as well as impact, alignment between marketing, sales, operation teams and customer service
  • Deliver direct training to staff and build up training capacity within the network
  • Ensure there is demonstrable evidence of the impact of training interventions on metrics (financial and non-financial)

How to apply

Interested persons should download the RFP and the documents that must be submitted to form your tender response are listed at Part (Submission Checklist) of Annex (Supplier Response) to this RFP.

All documents required as part of your tender response should be submitted to British Council’s e-Tendering portal hosted at https://in-tendhost.co.uk/britishcouncil with a subject line: Training of Customer Service Staff in SSA by the Response Deadline, as set out in the Timescales below.



Date / time

RFP Issued to bidding suppliers

8 February  2019

Deadline for clarification questions (Clarification Deadline)

15 February 2019

British Council to respond to clarification questions

18 February 2019

Deadline for submission of RFP responses by potential suppliers (Response Deadline)

22 February 2019

Final Decision

26 February 2019

Contract concluded with winning supplier

28 February 2019

Contract start date

      1 March 2019