Project Title:

The Exchange

Project Concept:

The project is centred on the use of traditional painting, specifically acrylic painting, to communicate the relationship between Africa and the UK from a lens that depicts it as one that needs to be fostered.The paintings majorly is an art exhibition displayed both online and in person. It includes the creation of fifteen to twenty pieces of art focused on the artists ( Awurabena Gaisie) selected area of interest upon review of the research material. These art pieces each will tell a portion of the story that the exhibition will be centred on which was displayed in the week (8th March, 2022 – 15th March, 2022). The display online will however be continually accessible to others who might miss the in-person opportunity, or those who will be interested in a revisit.

The first day of the opening of the exhibition included an artist talk that took the audience through the purpose of the event, and what it sought to achieve. This allowed questions and personal comments.

Entry to the exhibition was free to allow all interested persons an unhindered pass. The projects was then climaxed with a sip-and-paint to give participants the opportunity to explore their creative side, and re-tell the British story from their perspective. Overall, the project seeks to allow the African youth especially, to relook their history in a relaxed and fun way.


At the end of the exhibition, participants were well informed about their past, and how that can be harnessed in the enhancement of their lives, and the enhancement of the Africa-UK relationship.


The target audience is the youth, mainly those within the age range 18-30.