As part of our Art activities for 2019, we are providing artists with a space to exhibit their work. All Art exhibitions will commence with a reception on a Friday in Accra and Saturday in Kumasi and run through the following week from Monday to Friday.

See when the exhibition is happening below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               



Date                                                                      Artist

Friday19 July - Friday 26 July                               William Quartey

William began his art and sketch at the age of five. He rose from state-wide to nationwide fame by winning top prize in the Art Quiz Competition and in Global Art Competition for his school, (Ghana Senior High in the year 2016). His works feature scene from nature, social, entertainment and culture values. William's paint and sketches are of distinct styles that are reminiscent to his upbringing in the rural area. His artwork explores the varying difference between social and entertainment and fine art and he combines canvas painting with graffiti sprays to create his works. While he uses a variety of materials and processes in each project, his methodology is constant. He took part in Black Art street festival (BASFEST) at Tema, Yoyo tinz festival and Chaskele festival. He describes his style of painting as Impasto, Pop Art, 3D Art and illusion art, Abstract and Geaffiti. Mohamadu (Moh), Tetebotan Kali, Prince kojo Hilton and kiptoe have been good a source of inspiration to his current Art.


Dates                                                               Artist

Saturday 13 July – Friday 19 July                   Marvin Opuni Kwabia

Marvin Opuni Kwabia is a contemporary Traditional and Digital Artist, a third year student of Takoradi Technical University at the Faculty of Applied Arts and Technology, Graphic Design Department. He lives in Kumasi, Ashanti Region and his colourful and interactive artworks pay homage to his homeland. His distinctive personal style emanates joy and expresses the story of Africans in its true form. Illustrations, cartoons and portraits are brought to life with contrasting and harmonious colours and bold compositions, which delivers the message and the story behind the art. From a young age he has believed, “You can create anything once you see it in your mind”. Although he is protruded in a high esteem, most of his achievements have been based on the internet and social media. Recognised social media accounts like @GhanaianArtist on Instagram have reposted several of his artworks online, gaining him much recognition around the world                                                                                                



Dates                                                                           Artist

Friday 09 August -Friday 16 August                            Xane Asiamah

Xane's work can be described as “conceptual realism” In his portraits, abstract and conceptual drawings and illustrations - Xane merges realism and concepts to create vibrant art pieces. He began painting and drawing as a kid and started selling professionally at the age of 18. When he was 20, Xane began showing in galleries and had his first exhibition in Accra, Ghana. Currently, he has had five exhibitions with his most recent at the Milton Keynes Central Library; November 2018. Xane has had some collaborations with some distinct Ghanaian, British and Nigerian artists and also studied art in University. He has made a few national television appearances and has been featured on magazines and websites globally. On a constant quest to experiment and push new boundaries, he has personally studied graphic design and more complicated art forms in sustainable product design, home decor and unique wooden furniture. Xane currently lives in Ghana and works as an interior designer, freelance artist and illustrator. Email: 

Portfolio Links: Instagram -

Behance -

Date                                                                              Artist

Friday 23 August - Friday 30 August                            Negyem Adonoo

The greater part of Negyem's growing up was at the military camp where discipline was greatly valued and this upbringing has impacted his life immensely. As a Ghanaian Artist, he is essentially interested in creating art works that best communicate from tradition to modernity. He has a strong attraction to the abstract, hence, its prolific display in his paintings. Negyem is an old student of Ghanatta College of Art and Design. ‘The Contourist,’ as he has come to be known, is a name that emanates from his extensive use of colours and patterns, which are seen as contours, to communicate his ideas. Most of his works have the contour-like effect running through them with some images of the African Traditional symbols in them. He calls his contour paintings "My African Classics". Works he has produced include: Chronicles of Time, Dewy-Eyed, The cover, Natures Ossature, The 77 Percent. He has also participated in and held several exhibitions across the capital.



Dates                                                                                        Artist

Friday 13 September - Friday 20 September                           Ritalucia Henry-Andoh

Ritalucia Henry-Andoh (b. 13th Dec. 1999) is a pattern artist. She works mainly in black and white patterns, intricate designs and pour paintings. She started drawing in 2017 during a very boring Math class she sat in and had her first exhibition in August 2018 during the Full Moon II exhibition at Antique Lemonade in collaboration with Artemartis and Apollo Studios. In March 2018 she created an online art store called Artemartis ( ) with her friend and business partner, Selasi Gomado. Artemartis also hosts other artists’ works on the site and aids with displaying and selling of the artworks. Artemartis also helps with the organization of creative events.

The link to her portfolio:

Date                                                                                          Artist

Friday 20 September - Friday 27 September                           Bevan Agyemang                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Bevan Agyemang is a visual artist who expresses himself through various mediums. He graduated from the University of Arts with a photography degree and explores subjects such as identity, agency and authorship. Bevan often uses past references to establish new contemporary visuals through different mediums. Influences include reaching as far as his parent's journey from Ghana to the UK and Africa’s canon of post-Independence photographers. His other platforms include Nomadic Tribe and he also featured in the hugely well-received Return of the Rudeboys exhibition and book by Dean Chalkey and Harris Elliott. The current body of work he is working on is collaboration with British born Jamaican artist Kione Grandison. The concept explores the shift in the African diaspora and constructing the new opulent narrative.  



Dates                                                                                      Artist

Friday 18 October - Friday 25 October                                   Edith Akosua Berchie

Edith Akosua Berchie is into scotched artworks. Her artworks are exceptional because it portrays culture and daily activities of life. Artworks are scotched on wood then for texture, colour and balance other items are added to it to make it look real. Some of the things added to the works are beads, egg shells, plantain backs, beach sand, stones and African prints. She exhibits her work to get ideas from guests and other artists so as to improve on her next approach to other events. She has held a number of exhibitions and has a page on Phillan Gallery on Facebook where she displays some of her works. Her works are very unique and they all have interesting stories behind it. During her exhibitions guests are allowed to portray their art skills because an unfinished work will be available for guests to complete.



Dates                                                                                   Artist

Friday 15 November - Friday 22 November                        Eleazar Anim Addo



Date                                                                                     Artist

Monday 02 December to Friday 06 December                       Rufai Zakari

Ghanaian Artist Rufai Zakari is known for artworks that examine daily happenings and creates a direct scope on socially engaged art with which he addresses issues surrounding improper waste management, child care and the Art of recycle. In series of projects, Rufai touches deeply on transforming non-degradable pollutants into functional and non-functional Art pieces that could be reaccepted by the disposer. In empathy for Mother Earth Rufai denotes a clear message to society in treating Her right.