Become a Cambridge Associate School and join a global learning network of thousands of ambitious schools and institutions.

As a Cambridge Associate School , you can offer world-renowned exams from Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) in Ghana. You can also benefit from co-branding your school with the British Council and CIE.

The British Council will:

  • help nurture your school to attain accreditation standards 
  • conduct inspection visits
  • apply for accreditation for your school
  • be responsible for  all CIE enquiries, correspondence and exam administration
  • provide networking and continuous professional development for teachers
  • provide your school the privilege to be part of the CIE Associate School Awards

Download the list of Cambridge attached centres in Ghana below.

How to become a Cambridge Associate School

Becoming a Cambridge Associate School is straightforward in five simple steps:

Step One

Your school will have to complete the Enquiry Form below and submit to the British Council.

Step Two

Once you submit the Enquiry Form, the British Council will give you the Registration Application Form to complete and return to us.

Step Three

The British Council will carry out an inspection of your school facilities and discuss general management of the school on an agreed date.

The inspector will need to speak with the school principal, teachers and students as needed.

You may need to provide:

  • Key staff CVs (principal and teachers involved in teaching Cambridge syllabuses)
  • Mission statement and educational values
  • School development plan showing goals for the introduction of the Cambridge curriculum
  • Performance management plan
  • Code of conduct for students and teachers- handbook
  • School language policy
  • Complaints policy
  • Health and safety policy
  • First aid certificates
  • Fire certificates as required by local legislation
  • Evidence of government approval to offer an international curriculum
  • The school should have a website and school e-mail address
  • Step Four

After inspection, the British Council will write up a report to the CIE Exams board  with all inspection details and make arrangements for an exam board representative to visit your school.

You will then need to complete and return a ‘centre approval form’ for the CIE to the British Council.

Step Five

Once satisfied with the report on the inspection, the CIE will send a letter of approval of your school as a CIE accredited school.

Your school can start offering Cambridge IGCSE, O-level, AS and A-level, Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint and Cambridge Primary Checkpoint.

Fees and requirements

There is no fee to become a British Council attached centre. However, you need to pay an annual fee to join the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint programme.

All schools are expected to meet some basic requirements to become an attached centre. For example, your school must:

  • use spacious, well-equipped science laboratories
  • have a library with relevant books and computers offering child-safe internet access
  • contain spacious, light and well-ventilated classrooms
  • take health and safety seriously.